About us

A reputable company of skilled engineers, consultants, and technical specialists, RBS Canada Inc. provides a wide range of professional services to both the public and private industries. Robonsazeh (RBS) was founded in 2003 in the Middle East with the main objective of providing construction contract administration services to the Gulf Ministries of Road and Transportation, we have since expanded our services and clientele to include regional governments, municipalities, other consulting engineering firms, as well as private developers. The Ministry of Road and Transportation of Iran remains our largest partner.

We recently established a Canadian division to grow our business. Our team of professionals offers you a solid basis of combined competence, proficiency, and fluency needed on all assignments thanks to their considerable professional experience. Our team is able to give your project the most modern means of execution thanks to our dedication to giving our specialists the most up-to-date equipment and training, as well as the use of the most cutting-edge technologies.

Engineers with extensive experience in drilling, building bridges and rehabilitating all varieties of concrete such as bridge, tunnel, house, etc. make up our team.

we establish RBS Canada to offer helical pile and concrete rehabilitation and retrofitting in canada.

In the term of design we can offer you ,bridge design, dynamic analysis,Earthquake Hazard Analysis,Micro zonation for seismic hazard map,Liquefaction assessment,Dynamic analysis due to earthquake and heavy rotary machine,Design shallow and deep foundations,Design of Micro pile and shoring,Modeling rock specimens through 3D printing mold.